Mr. Awan Horse Satay – Bandung Culinary Tour

Have you ever eaten a horse meat satay? Well for you who have never tried, there is a recommendation of a delicious horse satay specialist. The place in Bandung, the horse satay Mr. Awan R located at Jalan K.H. Ahmad Dahlan, aligned with Muhamadiyah hospital, Bandung.

But don’t be surprised by this satay. If curious, it is said that many benefits can be obtained by eating horse meat. Horse Satay is not only delicious but also contains high nutrition and low cholesterol. Therefore many sportsmen, bodybuilding, and athletes come to this place. Also horse meat can cure diabetes, asthma, allergies, diabetes, and high blood.

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Mr. Awan itself is a store that can survive in culinary Bandung. Maybe the horse satay itself is not familiar in the ears of society, but if it has ever eaten this horse satay is addicted. It is not separated from the way of processing herbs and good cuisine from Mr. Awan. He uses it from the spice of choice.

In addition to Satay, Mr. Awan also serves other menus such as soups, Tongseng, and gepuk. The price given is also very cheap. For the horse satay, a portion with the contents of 10 skewers only Rp. 20,000 when this writing was made. On average, the shop was visited by the man. It is true of many benefits. If you do not believe, it can be proved by yourself by ordering the horse satay Mr. awan regularly. Then you see the result for your body.

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